July 24, 2024

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Focus and Soar High – Be an Entrepreneur

Focus and Soar High – Be an Entrepreneur

Are you fed up of working the usual 9 to 5 a day? Have you been working for years? Have you saved enough for your retirement?

Funny how it may sound, BUT the truth is, there are many people who have worked in their entire lives from Mondays- Fridays, 9 to 5 a day and yet never had enough- never had enough CASH in their pocket!

I personally, without exaggerations know a lot of these people who are over 60 and still are working… you have got to ask, WHY? Is it because they love working? Is it because they want to earn extra cash? OR is it because they just have to?

Can you just visualize the hardship of waking up early in the morning to fix yourself, hurry up and ride a public bus or train without even having a sip of your favorite ristretto? Disgusting, isn’t it? You have also probably wondered too many times how can you ever win the rat race you are in until now. You envy these giant companies hiring professionals to work for them, enticing them of the many incentives they could offer; from medical coverage to death benefits, monthly remuneration that would give the impression of being so high; sufficient enough to supply the whole family and more. How then did these common employees end up white-haired, wrinkled without savings in their bank account?

You don’t want to end up like them, do you? You don’t want to see yourself get old without even having to enjoy life itself. As a matter of fact, you want to go around the world; you want to feel the fresh air of the beautiful seas in the south and east Asia, you want to see all these great wonders of the earth, you want to give ALL the BEST things possible for your own family, you want to see yourself GROW!

Who wouldn’t? But HOW?

The answer is SIMPLE- entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take that big LEAP in life by managing a business of his own no matter how small, no matter how big. When you start your business small, you don’t need anyone at all to help you; you can do everything on your own. Wait till it becomes bigger, then you will have to HIRE someone else as your assistant. See the picture? You build your own company with just one employee; yourself BUT as soon as it becomes bigger, you will become the hiring manager and the owner. HARD WORK is basically the CAPITAL of being an ENTREPRENEUR. That’s how you start.

How can being an entrepreneur bring out the best in you?

Anyone who ventures on entrepreneurship has the greatest break of becoming successful IF the business starts with a FOCUS. This focus is what makes the business flourishing with revenues which will eventually build the foundation of another business venture OR perhaps, a new sector of what you have just built.

Spontaneity, fortitude, and the ability to stand high after failure are the keys to becoming successful in any kind of business enterprise. These are the characteristics that will surely bring out the best in you and that will unquestionably repay your endeavor in the future. Nothing can be better than being able to do it on your own, without having to wait for someone’s approval and without having to work for less than the amount you truly deserve.

So, get out of your shell, take the risk and venture. Dream HIGH and SOAR higher than the rest. Transform yourself and follow your instinct. Do not let anyone control your life. Be your own BOSS, Become the MASTER of your fate.