July 24, 2024

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MLM Business – The Ultimate Plan Behind the Law of Attraction

MLM Business – The Ultimate Plan Behind the Law of Attraction

Toss the law of attraction, a concise business plan and your network marketing opportunity of choice all into one basket and you are bound to achieve ultimate, MLM-Rock-Star Success. O, and with a little wishful thinking, you may also win the multi-million dollar lottery every second fortnight!

If only your network marketing business was as easy as the hyped up sales letters reveal.

Whether you chose network marketing as your vehicle for a better lifestyle, quality family time, your dream vacation or to sack your boss, it all still comes down to one thing: Money! Yes there are priceless new skills, principles and belief systems that we develop on our journey to success, but the continuous residual income is what it all boils down to at the end of the day.

So how can you use the law of attraction in your favor to get more money? You can set goals, yes, but how many times have you set your goals and simply never achieved them? The answer is quite simple:

Your network marketing business needs a daily plan of action, or daily method of operation (DMO).

Let me show you a simple strategy which has been used by military strategists for decades.

Remove ALL distractions before doing this.

If you prefer to do this online and keep track your progress, Mark Joyner provides a great free software application called Simpleology.

Begin With the End in Mind: Imagine for a minute, what is your ultimate life? What kind of life do your wildest dreams consist of? What would make you eternally happy? What is your passion? What will you own? What type of relationship would you be in? Do you want to be fit and healthy? What would you be doing?

Write it all down. It might be challenging to think beyond your current belief systems, but don’t hold back. Have that clear picture of your ultimate life in mind. Can you see yourself celebrating your outstanding accomplishments? Now, let’s back track…

How to Get It: With such big dreams, there is a major gap between where you want to be and where you are right now. No wonder your dreams become unclear and beyond your reach. This is where you use the backward planning method.

The backward planning method is a process military strategists have used for decades. Instead of improvising a plan from beginning to end, you start with the end in mind and work your plan back to the present.

The military call it the “clear end-state”. When planning a military operation, they would determine what state they would desire when their mission is completed. E.g. rescued all the hostages.

The end-state in network marketing will be our primary goal and ultimate life.

With your clear end-state in mind ask yourself this: What is the very last thing that you will do before you achieve your end-state? Imagine yourself in that moment right before achieving your goal, what are you doing? Now, keep imagining every moment all the way back to where you are now at this very moment.

How Network Marketing, Money and the Numbers Fit In: In order to have your ultimate life, you need to be earning a certain amount of residual income. How much is it? Write down the exact amount of money you need to attract for your ultimate life to be a reality.

Now, take your network marketing compensation plan and determine exactly how many people you will need in your downline to earn that amount of residual income every single month.

Work your way back to how exactly how many distributors you have in your network marketing business right now.

Follow Your Network Marketing Business Plan of Action Not only will you have more clarity on your goals and ultimate life, but you now have a realistic, step by step action plan which you can follow to achieve the ultimate success that you deserve in your network marketing business.