July 15, 2024

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The Company Connection: Tips and insights from business leaders

  • Company CEOs and workplace strategists say implementing new collaboration tech among teams helps them work better together.
  • Companies are incorporating a wide range of tools to encourage collaboration. CEOs told Business Insider they’re doing everything from video conferencing to adjusting an office’s temperature to help improve productivity.
  • We’ve compiled a list of tricks for fostering collaboration and creating healthier teams in the series “The Company Connection.” 
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Today’s companies are prioritizing technology and flexibility for their employees — all in hopes of boosting collaboration. 

When employees are sharing responsibilities, this can make it easier to tackle and complete tasks. In the workplace, this can also lead to higher productivity levels, according to a study published last June in the Human Resource Management Journal.

From the C-suite to remote workers, effective teams keep ideas flowing and business booming. Additionally, managers who encourage teamwork help keep employees happy.

Collaboration, however, isn’t only about working in teams. People want to know how to use applications, websites, and hardware to make personal career progress in their workplace. And when used properly, the integration of tech in both office life and a remote setting can lead to goals being met, creating greater successes and bigger opportunities.

Business Insider talked to CEOs and experts across industries and workplace experts to find the best tech-based collaboration tips for our project “The Company Connection.” Read summaries of each story and find links to the reporting below.

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