November 28, 2021

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10 side hustle ideas and tips to keep the bills paid during quarantine layoffs

Coronavirus shutdown got you looking for ideas to change income, move forward from a job loss and need to keep the lights on? 

A side hustle or new business venture might be exactly the solution. Even if your city is reopening, your job might not bounce back. Finding a way to earn money that fits you, your schedule and your work ethic even in the midst of a pandemic is key. Side hustles are a popular way to keep money rolling in while you job hunt, or it might even become your next career.

To make lemonade out of economic lemons, you’ll need a serviceable idea and strong execution. Here are tips from one person who’s lost everything and is earning it back.

“I didn’t know what to do when I got laid off from my corporate job during this. I had to figure something out, and a brand-new startup hiring during all this was an identity theft protection company in the area looking for new consultants. I jumped on the opportunity that gave me this work,” said Richard Morris of Tennessee. He sees consulting as a shot.

“I have the potential to make as much money as before.”

Digital business ideas to start

Go online for a side hustle at first, since it’s low risk for spending and high reward if you make some sales. And it’s quarantine-proof.

Sell software: Morris is a consultant for IdentityUSA, selling software that protects businesses and consumers. It’s a fast learning track but requires investment into making sure you’re fitting the right product to the person buying it. You can sell video conferencing, medical coding, and many more types of software products that are so needed now for remote workers.

Open an online store: eBay, Etsy, and many more websites let you open your own little personal store and sell. Get rid of old records or make homespun masks, whatever is your niche, bet on it, and make that store your own.

Create social media ads for small businesses: Whoever is open or is about to open will need a lot of press. And what better place than Facebook or Twitter? Get onto Shutterstock or free picture site Pixabay, create a membership, and download high-quality pictures. Then create flashy ads with some text and push them with keywords. You can charge a fee for the month or just one gig to the local plumber, bakery, or tutor.

Side hustle tips to succeed

Morris keeps these tips in mind to grow his reputation each week in his new venture. Follow them and you’ll steadily make more money with each step. Keep what works.

Film YouTube presentations for your product consistently. “I am creating videos about Identity Theft every day. Plus I do a presentation nightly at 7 PM CST,” says Morris. Even if it’s one sale, that’s money you didn’t have before, and a client that’s trusted you and might spread the word.

Keep technology simple. Look at the technology that your company is using and copy it. The best business is using just your smartphone. You only need the internet or a good phone plan to teach or sell online.

Work from home and eliminate the expenses. You don’t need an office to sell. Don’t worry, just cut out a tablespace and set up your webcam, box up your orders, and get going.

Get the best conferencing software, like GoToMeeting, that allows you to connect with your employees and clients. Professionalism is key if you’re selling software. That way, you can operate anywhere in the world and work your business.

Relationships are everything. Hit social media at the same time every day and engage with people. Establish relationships with your clients, and potential clients that you haven’t talked to for a while.

Then use your own income spreadsheets to keep track. Track your progress, keep track of how much you’re spending and how much you’re making on your hustle with notes.

Final tip. The harder you work the better you’ll be able to make quick cash off those old clothes or even start your own profession as a teacher.

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