July 13, 2024

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24 Pet Business Ideas – Small Business Trends

With the pet industry growing significantly year over year, it’s a great time to start a new pet business. These businesses range from traditional veterinary clinics to unique pet supplies and niche services. Here are some top choices for animal lovers looking to start their own business serving pet owners.

Why You Should Start a Pet Business in 2022

Pet business opportunities are plentiful today. Here are some benefits of breaking into this growing industry:

  • Spend time with animals: Many pet business ideas require actually interacting with animals. Since these business owners are often pet owners themselves, many find this aspect enjoyable.
  • Bring in steady revenue: Studies have found that pet owners don’t change their spending habits on pet products and services, even during a recession. They’re more likely to cut their own spending.
  • Enjoy flexibility: Many pet businesses, like a mobile grooming business or pet sitting, can be done on your own time and without a physical location. This can keep startup costs low and allow you to grow in a way that fits your lifestyle.
  • Find fulfillment in your work: Helping animals can give your work purpose. You may feel more personally fulfilled and motivated.

24 Amazing Pet Business Ideas

The pet industry includes tons of unique business opportunities, from specialty pet food to accessories. Here are some top pet-related ideas to consider.

1. Pet Food Bakery: Organic Food for Fido

Organic pet food and treats are becoming increasingly popular, making this a potentially profitable pet business idea. Open a local storefront and/or sell pet treats made with quality ingredients online.

2. Dog Sitting: Good One for Dog Owners

If you love spending time with dogs, help other pet owners who travel by visiting Fido or taking them in for a week.

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3. Dog Walking: Pet Owners Can Walk Their Dog Too!

Those who love spending time outdoors can charge a small fee for daily or weekly walks. Take your own dog out at the same time to multitask.

4. Niche Dog Training Business: You May Save a Life

Unfortunately, some dogs have an aggressive nature due to past interactions. Most pet owners who adopt these pets may need specialized pet training to make these animals safe for family life. You’d need training and experience working with aggressive dogs to serve this market.

5. Dog Breeding: Create New Best Friends

A dog breeding business generally involves caring for a particular breed and raising puppies to offer to others. Some people choose dog breeders based on needing a particular type of dog to suit their family or medical conditions.

6. Dog Grooming: Give Fido a New Look

Dog grooming services include bathing, hair cuts, nail cutting or filing, and sometimes even tooth brushing or cleaning. You can set up a physical location or even start a mobile grooming business in a truck.

7. Pet Store: Give Pet Owners the Gear They Need

A pet supply store may offer food, toys, outfits, kennels, and sometimes even animals. You’ll need a retail space for your pet store, along with vendor relationships to keep shelves stocked.

8. Cat Accessories: Create a Niche Cat Business

Many pet business ideas revolve around dogs. But cat owners also need toys, food, litter, and accessories. Start your own in-person or online shop to serve this niche market.

9. Service Dog Business: Help Those in Need

Service dogs often help disabled individuals or may provide emotional support. These dogs need to be trained prior to service, so you could raise and/or train dogs to fill this important role.

10. Animal Boarding: Help Pet Owners When They Travel

A boarding kennel often has space to keep multiple pets at once, so it’s ideal for those with lots of land. You may offer long-term boarding for travelers, or even doggy daycare services.

11. Behavioral Expert: Work Directly With Animals

A behavioral expert offers customized training options for issues like walking or obedience. Travel to each client to provide service without a physical location.

12. Veterinarian: Keep Animals Healthy

Veterinarians obviously need specialized training. But these clinics can serve all kinds of animals to solve health issues and provide preventive care.

13. Pet Toys: Sell Handmade Creations

Many pet owners buy dog or cat toys to keep their animals happy. Sell your own handmade versions online for a flexible business option.

14. Pet Photography: Capture Their Best Looks

A pet photographer just needs a camera and an interest in capturing unique animal looks.

15. Custom Pet Portraits: Show Off Your Artwork

If you love drawing or painting, offer your services to pet owners who want a unique portrait to display at home.

16. Wholesale Pet Food: Bring Top Brands to Market

Instead of making your own specialty pet treats, offer pet food from top brands at a small local shop.

17. Social Media Personality: Show Off Your Pet

Social media isn’t just for human influencers. Plenty of animals have dedicated followings and paid relationships with pet brands.

18. Cat Cafe: Provide a Haven for Cat Lovers

Cat cafes are becoming popular in many big cities. Think local coffee shop, but with cats.

19. Pet Marketing: Be a Manager for Animal Celebs

Skilled marketers, offer your skills to famous animals or pet brands to carve out a unique niche.

20. Pet Manicurist: Pamper People’s Pets

A pet spa operator may go beyond simple pet grooming services and offer luxury options like manicures.

21. Pet Transportation: Make Travel Easier

As a pet travel service provider, you could get animals to their destination as families move, or simply help arrange airline travel for families traveling with animals.

22. Custom Pet Tags: Keep Pets Close to Home

Pet tags display your address, contact info, and any instructions for those who may find your pet if they get out. Create these custom using metal and press letters for each client.

23. Animal Blogger: Share Unique Stories Online

Blogging can earn you money through affiliate income, sponsored content, or traditional ads. Share content related to animals to provide value to other pet owners. This is also an ideal business for beginners since you can work on your own schedule.

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24. Pet Massage Therapist: Help Fido Relax

Massage therapy is a specialized pet service that can serve animals with muscle tightness or various physical ailments.

Is it better to start an Online or Brick & Mortar Pet Business?

Pet stores and pet supply companies used to mainly be brick and mortar establishments. But more consumers are shopping online now. And many businesses above do not require a physical location. Consider the type of business you’re starting, what your customers expect, and your budget to decide between these options. There are also franchise opportunities both for in-person and online businesses.

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