December 10, 2023

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6 Things to Know Before Travelling to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has become a popular tourist destination over the years. Millions of tourists visit the country every year. There are many reasons why people go there, whether to enjoy the beautiful cities or explore the historical sites.

Many people think about visiting London first, but we need to note that the UK is much more than that. You have plenty of cities and places to visit, whether you stay in London or book hotels and accommodations in different locations. The UK is a great place to visit anytime.

Having a few airports, and as the capital, London is probably the best connected to the rest of the world. London is known as the cultural capital of England due to its diverse range of museums, galleries, theatres, shops, and restaurants. In addition, there are several iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey.

So, it’s normal if you plan to start your adventure right there and then find a London chauffeur car hire service to help you explore the surroundings.

There are plenty of things to do, but you need to be prepared in advance for these ones:

1. Don’t Assume all People are English

Being a Brit is not equal to being an Englishmen. It’s wrong to assume that they are all English because there are Scots and Welsh people, and surely, Irish. 

So, be careful with this one because even though they are all proud to be Brits, they are even prouder of their distinct heritage.

2. Embrace the Culture of Drinking tea

You will never see a British person use tea bags to prepare the well-known English tea. It’s usually an Earl Gray black tea with a bold and nutty taste, and it’s usually served with milk, sugar, and desserts. 

Also, you will see people offering you a cup of tea at different parts of the day and on different occasions.

3. Get Used to the Weather Small Talks

The weather is indeed unpredictable in London and the whole UK. That’s why people enjoy talking about it. 

Even though there is not as much rain as we suppose, you will often have to talk about the clouds, sun, raindrops, etc. People in the UK love to talk about the weather. So, make sure you join a conversation with some interesting thoughts or facts on the climate conditions. 

4. Trains can be Late

Even though they have an advanced transport system, trains sometimes simply come later than the scheduled time. Sometimes they can even get cancelled because of the weather or some incidents. 

So, you need to always have some idea of what to do in cases like this. One of the options is the long distance chauffeur services available in London and all around the UK. You can also give the buses or taxi drivers a chance, or even share the driving, if available.

5. British Cuisine has a Poor Reputation

You can try fish and chips and some candies, but that’s probably everything you will find authentic in the UK. On the other hand, if you go to Scotland or Wales, chances are you will find interesting varieties of meals, so it’s worth paying for a long distance private car service to eat some quality food.

The truth is that British people are aware of this fact, so many restaurants offer foreign cuisine meals and snacks.

6. Talking to Strangers is Considered Rude

People in London don’t really enjoy talking to strangers. Even if you make eye contact with some of them, many will avoid you and completely ignore your existence.

For example, talking to a stranger on public transport is something no one is doing. Even if they are friends, they avoid talking while travelling.

You can at least ask for directions but only say “thank you” and leave after that, without trying to make friends there. Londoners are great, but they just respect their privacy and personal space.


Now you know everything about your first trip to the UK. Always be polite to everyone you meet there, and be respectful of their personal space. Don’t stick to the local cuisine and treat yourself to some of the restaurants around.

Use a private chauffeur service to commute through London and other cities so that you can explore the surroundings better. And of course, enjoy your refreshing cup of tea, because you will miss that taste.