December 10, 2023

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Australian government prepares pro-business university “Accord”

Speaking at the “Universities Australia 2022 Gala Evening meal,” on July 6, Education Minister Jason Clare underscored the Labor government’s intent to more completely transform universities to services the wants of significant business and “national safety.”

Jason Clare (Impression: Twitter)

Clare verified Labor’s motivation to placing up an “Australian Universities Accord,” to be drafted by “a tiny group of eminent Australians.” Its goal is to bring the schooling trade unions into a closer partnership with corporate chiefs, university managements and federal government representatives to “build a very long-expression plan for our universities.”

Substantially, addressing a accumulating organised by the college employers’ peak system, Clare explained not a word of criticism of their report. He stated practically nothing about the way the managements have by now exploited the COVID-19 pandemic about the previous two decades to damage tens of thousands of work opportunities, more casualise the workforce and ramp up course dimensions and workloads, at the expense of staff members and learners.

On the opposite, he lauded College of Sydney Vice Chancellor Mark Scott, a hugely-compensated and major proponent of professional-enterprise restructuring, for conversing about universities being “in the remedies enterprise for govt.” Clare declared: “I think Mark is bang on. There is so a lot excellent we can do, operating collectively.”

Clare made available no recommendation of reversing the devastating cuts of 2020 and 2021, applied underneath the earlier Liberal-Countrywide Coalition govt.

In its place, his whole thrust was on “working together” to combine universities more intently, equally in teaching and analysis, with business enterprise. “We want you to function with market,” Clare emphasised.

In the course of his remarks, Clare spoke of universities in purely profit-making, task training and nationalist phrases. They were being “an remarkable countrywide asset” that had to do additional “to transform Australian strategies and discoveries into Australian work.”

Clare also pressured the need to restore the $40 billion in revenues that universities generated for Australian capitalism ahead of the pandemic by charging exorbitant expenses for global pupils.

Ever given that the Hawke Labor authorities imposed service fees on global students in 1986, successive governments, equally Labor and Coalition, have significantly starved universities of funding, forcing them to become heavily reliant on milking these learners as cash cows.

Clare went even more. He reported universities could do a lot more to prepare worldwide learners to satisfy employers’ desires far too. They need to get the college students “we instruct and practice to remain just after their reports conclude and help us fill some of the persistent capabilities gaps in our economic climate.”