July 24, 2024

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Big Ticket Blueprint – Can You Create an End-to-End Profit System For Your Business? (Yes, You Can)

Big Ticket Blueprint – Can You Create an End-to-End Profit System For Your Business? (Yes, You Can)

You need just five steps to create an end-to-end profit system for your online business. They are: your offer, lead collection, lead seduction, lead selection, and lead conversion.

The 5 Steps

Your Offer – The first step is to create a compelling offer with your training, products and services. How can you combine your training, products and services into an offer so compelling that not only do you get excited about it, your prospect will get excited about it.

Do not under price your offer! This is an important part of this step. Most marketers give the value of each component of their offer and then add them up. In this system I recommend you value your offer based on how much it would cost your prospect not to take advantage of it.

Lead Collection – How do you get your leads? You can do article marketing, teleseminars, JVs, and be the guest on other people’s teleseminars. Lead collection is another way of saying building your list of highly qualified prospects.

Lead Seduction – Sounds kind of sexy, doesn’t it? Lead seduction simply means this – once you have collected leads and they are now on your list, how do you best convince them they have made the right choice in who to learn from and buy from? One of the many great lead seduction strategies, among many others, is to follow up with teleseminars to your leads/prospects.

Lead Selection – In this system, you do not make your offer to everyone. You select the leads you want to pursue. A great way to do this is to have prospects fill out an application for a strategy session with you.

Lead Conversion – Once a prospect has submitted an application for a strategy session, then you set up sessions with the best prospects. On the strategy session you listen to what the prospect wants to accomplish, their challenges in doing so, and then you make your offer to show them how you and your system will guide them in getting the results they want.