December 1, 2021

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Businesses Damaged During Civil Unrest Eligible For $50,000 Grant

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL — A new grants program will help small businesses recover from damage incurred during last weekend’s civil unrest in Hillsborough County.

Already experiencing challenges from the coronavirus pandemic and unprecedented unemployment, many businesses were damaged, looted and, in some cases, destroyed in Tampa’s Innovation District next to the University of South Florida and other areas of Tampa.

Available funds will be awarded to qualifying applicants to reimburse approved expenses in an amount up to $50,000. The grants do not require matching funds. Business owners will be able to apply for the grants online in the coming days.

In the meantime, business owners can connect with the Entrepreneur Collaborative Center at 813-204-9267 to begin discussions with a business consultant who can put them in touch with the right resources.

Expenses must be incurred on or after May 30, and must be directly related to repairing, restocking and reopening a business that was damaged by civil unrest. Eligible expenses may include damaged and stolen inventory replacement (verified by police report), physical repairs, signage and painting, and must be actual cash expenses. In-kind services are not eligible for reimbursement.

Approved applicants will be required to attest that the expenses being reimbursed are not already paid, or expected to be paid, by insurance.

Eligible businesses:

  • Must be a privately held small business or sole proprietor located in Hillsborough County (no publicly traded businesses)

  • Must have less than 25 full-time employees or equivalent FTEs during the most recent pay period prior to May 29

  • Must have suffered damage due to civil unrest during the weekend of May 30 as evidenced by an official police report or other official, third-party documentation such as insurance claims

  • May be either for-profit or nonprofit entities

  • Must be reopened for business at the time of reimbursement

  • Must have been in operation since before Jan. 1

  • Must be without any outstanding financial obligation to Hillsborough County and/or any form of court judgement or order against the applicant in favor of Hillsborough County

Among the businesses damaged by vandalism and fire Saturday night are:

  • 1102 Fowler Ave. – Hertz Rental Car, front door smashed

  • 2911 Fowler Ave. – CVS, pharmacy window and front door windows smashed

  • 2772 Fowler Ave. – Dollar Tree, front door smashed and looted

  • 2766 Fowler Ave. – Pet Supermarket, smashed front door

  • 2712 Fowler Ave. – Winn-Dixie Liquor Store, front door smashed and looted

  • 2566 Fowler Ave. – Cosmo Prof, front door smashed and looted

  • 2564 Fowler Ave. – Boost Mobile, front door smashed and looted

  • 2558 Fowler Ave. – Standard Leasing, front door smashed and looted

  • 2550 Fowler Ave. – Pizza Hut, front door smashed

  • 2548 Fowler Ave. – Little Greek, front door smashed

  • 2381 Fowler Ave. – Champs, looted and set fire

  • 2373 Fowler Ave. – Saigon Bay Vietnamese restaurant, fire

  • 2362 Fowler Ave. – Dollar General, fire

  • 2367 Fowler Ave. – Malani Jewelry, fire

  • 2351 Fowler Ave. – AT&T, front door smashed and looted

  • 2335 Fowler Ave. – Footaction, front door smashed and looted

  • 2321 Fowler Ave. – Badar Hair Store, front door smashed and looted

  • 2208 Fowler Ave. – SunTrust, side window smashed and attempted looting. ATM machine pulled out of wall and looted. Also across the street the SunTrust drive-thru and the ATM were damaged

  • 2201 Fowler Ave. – Vitamin Shoppe, front door smashed and looted

  • 2107 Fowler Ave. – Marathon Gas, front door smashed

  • 2120 Fowler Ave. – Race Trac, attempted to set fire

  • 1860 Fowler Ave. – Walgreens, front door smashed and looted

  • 1715 Fowler Ave. – Gold & Diamond Source, front door smashed and looted

  • 1615 Fowler Ave. – Wireless Store, front door smashed and looted

  • 1505 Fowler Ave. – T Mobile, front door smashed and looted

  • 1216 Fowler Ave. – Sam’s Smoke Shop, front door smashed and looted

  • 1214 Fowler Ave. – Black Diamond, front door smashed and looted

  • 2124 Busch Blvd. – Quick Food and Gas, smashed front door

  • 2400 Busch Blvd. – Dollar General, attempt to smash front door

  • 2602 – A Busch Blvd. – Metro PCS, front door smashed and looted

  • 2602 – B Busch Blvd. – Rapid Cash

  • 3003 Busch Blvd. – Island Citgo, fire

  • 3701 Busch Blvd. – Speedway, front doors smashed

  • 4115 Busch Blvd. – Value Pawn, front doors smashed, looted

  • 1345 N. Nebraska Ave. – Value Pawn, front door smashed and looted

  • 11502 N. Nebraska Ave. – Mr Gold’s, front door smashed and looted

  • 9631 N. Nebraska Ave. – Cash America, front door smashed and looted

  • 11607 N. 15th St. – Jlo Beauty Supply, front door smashed and looted

  • 11601 N. 15th St. – Sav Mor Market, front door smashed and looted

  • 11510 30th St. – Wawa, smashed back door

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