June 22, 2024

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Daily Digest: Not always time for breakfast but always time for a cup of coffee | Food

This is part of The Post and Courier’s Daily Digest series, in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe a day of eating in detail.

Morgan Chandler is manager at Charleston wedding and business stationery boutique Sas-e Ink Paper & Press. She lives in West Ashley with her boyfriend Moataz and two cats Drogo and Cletus. 

On weekdays, I tend to stay in bed until I absolutely have to get up, so I usually don’t have time for breakfast. I always leave enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee, though. 

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This morning, I felt a little adventurous, so instead of a regular cup of coffee I made my take on a Dalgona coffee (Thanks, TikTok). 

When I got to work around 9 a.m., I ate a few blackberries and raspberries that were supposed to go with my lunch. 

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I actually adulted really hard this weekend and meal prepped for the first time in weeks. For lunch today I had chicken, broccoli and rice. A pro tip for lazy meal preppers like me is buy an air fryer. You can fry everything, and it takes like 25 minutes!

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When I got home, I wanted a snack, so I had some grapes and Wheat Thins. 

For dinner I made steak, rice and more broccoli.

I feel like I sound moderately healthy today. I should’ve talked about what I ate yesterday. I literally ate a sandwich called “The Fat Boy.” 

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