April 13, 2024

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Daily Duties and Snow Cone Stand Check Lists

In today’s article I’ll be discussing some of the more boring aspects of running a business with employees.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your stand opens/closes without issue no matter who is working is to create a standard checklist. The lists should be posted clearly in stand the steps laid out in order for both open and close. An example of a this checklist are as follows:


1. Arrive thirty minutes before open.

2. Turn on the air conditioner.

3. Make sure outside is clean and chairs are set up.

4. Make sure the signs, and lights are clean and in place.

5. Clean the inside/outside, fridge, freezer and ice shaver

A. Wipe down the counters

B. Clean trash outside

C. Wipe down and dry any chairs

5. Mop the floor

6. Restock any supplies including cups, spoons, napkins and other supplies

7. Check ice and syrup for the day.

8. Ensure you have adequate change for the day.

9. Notify management of anything that needs to be restocked.

10. Turn on any signage.

11. If you expect immediate customers, make sure to temper the ice.

When You Close

1. Turn off all signage


A. wipe down all surfaces inside stand

B. Clean ice shaver

C. Wipe down all bottles

D. Clean refrigerator and freezers.

E. Wipe down tables and chairs if sticky

6. Call owner for any inventory needs

9. Take out trash

11. Sweep and mop

12. Turn everything off and lock EVERYTHING.


This is just an example checklist that was used at a previous snow cone stand of mine. You may have a completely different needs, but the main point is to make it clear and obvious what your employees need to be handling. You want to be as transparent and straight forward as possible. This will prevent misunderstandings and make clear what you expect. You want to be fair to them by making it clear what you expect, and to keep your employees from complaining instructions were not given.

A snow cone stand is not complicated but is still a business. It’s always good practice to standardize repetitive processes as much as possible and provide a manual or checklist to ensure your standards are applied. This is more important than every if you do not plan on regularly working the daily hours of open and close for your stand.