January 26, 2022

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Danbury Coronavirus Update: Death Toll Now 35

DANBURY, CT — Mayor Mark Boughton confirmed that the total COVID-19 death toll in the City is 35.

There are currently 909 positive cases of the new coronavirus that have been tested by the State Department of Health, and another 55 residents have been confirmed positive by non-State sources, Boughton said in a news conference Monday evening. That brings the total number of active cases in Danbury to 964.

The numbers represent “more of a slow rise than a steep climb,” Boughton said. “That’s good.” The mayor said it is an indicator that efforts on the part of city officials and residents to mitigate the spread of the pandemic are working.

“I do expect us to begin opening the economy slowly, probably about mid-May,” Boughton said. “Some people go back to work, some industries go back to work, I’m not sure about schools,” adding that he thought they might not reopen until the fall. He did not envision City Hall, and other places where people gather, opening until “some time in June or July.”

The gradual phase-in of business, education and leisure sectors mirrors the strategy outlined by a six-state “reopening council” in an earlier news conference.

Boughton also said that property taxes due on May 4 are deferred to July 1, giving residents another 6o days to pay their property them. Taxes due July 1 are now due Oct 1.

Statewide, another 48 coronavirus-associated deaths and 1,346 positive cases were reported Monday. There was an increase of 106 current hospitalizations.

To date there have been 13,381 confirmed coronavirus cases in Connecticut and 602 deaths. There are currently 1,760 people hospitalized for COVID-19. Over 44,000 patients have been tested in Connecticut.

This article originally appeared on the Danbury Patch

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