February 22, 2024

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Dragons’ Den viewers open-mouthed as they realise where they’ve seen entrepreneur’s fashion app before

DRAGONS’ Den fans were left in shock as they figured out where they had seen an entrepreneur’s fashion app before.

Viewers felt nostalgic watching businesswoman Bianca Rangecroft pitching her digital wardrobe app Whering to the panel.

Businesswoman Bianca Rangecroft pitched her wardrobe app Whering


Businesswoman Bianca Rangecroft pitched her wardrobe app WheringCredit: BBC
Fans realised they had seen the app before in Clueless


Fans realised they had seen the app before in CluelessCredit: Getty

South-African born Bianca pitched the fashion app, which allows users to create a digital version of their wardrobe, on the BBC One show.

Whering sees users create outfits on the app, as well as receive tips from style experts who can chip in directly with outfit ideas.

The pitch gave many fans a blast from the past as they compared the forward-thinking fashion app to a famous scene from 90s film Clueless.

Viewers were reminded of the scene with actress Alicia Silverstone, where lead character Cher uses her computer to figure out what to wear.

Fans gushed over the software idea for decades – and were yet to find an app that provided the same service at their fingertips.

“The thought of picking an outfit every day was so daunting that I ended up wearing the same things over and over,” the businesswoman began.

Dragons' Den's Steven Bartlett shares emotional post in response to fan
Dragons' Den viewers say same thing as Steven Bartlett & Peter Jones trade digs

“With the app on my phone, I can put outfits together from the comfort of my couch – I can also swipe left or right on our AI, which refines its suggestions based on my feedback.

“It’s like Tinder, but for your clothes.”

Fans went wild over the idea and headed to Twitter to gush over Bianca’s fashion business, calling it a “dream come true”.

“OMG SHE INVENTED CHER’S WARDROBE FROM CLUELESS. My teenage dreams have come true too late,” one wrote.

A second chimed in: “This app is just Clueless and I love it!” as a third said: “IT’S CLUELESS IRL I’M OBSESSED.”

“Is someone actually on Dragons’ Den with the thing from Clueless? I LOVE IT!” a fourth concluded.

Despite an impressive pitch from Bianca, the Dragons decided they were not willing to invest their cash.

Last night, Dragons’ Den viewers were loving the addition of Steven Bartlett to the BBC as he riled up fellow dragon Peter Jones.

The business gurus traded barbs during a pitch on Thursday’s show as the 28-year-old threw the first insult at his elder Dragon.

Steve put several questions to Bianca about the app, including the subjectivity of style, to which she continually complimented his “good questions.”

“So you would never recommend Peter’s socks with that suit?” he joked to Bianca as the camera panned to Peter’s horizontal striped, colourful socks.

Deborah jumped in: “Uh-oh, warning, warning,” as she looked over to Peter for his response.

Not skipping a beat, the Dragon quipped: “Thank you for saying he’s asked so many good questions. I’m quite impressed because it’s the best questions he’s asked so far.”

The dragons decided not to invest in the app


The dragons decided not to invest in the appCredit: BBC