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Fuller Brush Business – Is Fuller Brush A MLM Company?

Fuller Brush Business – Is Fuller Brush A MLM Company?

Is Fuller Brush A MLM?

Fuller Brush is an unusual company as far as direct selling goes. This is because a lot of its products are available to buy online and in stores, and not just from Distributors like in most MLMs. This means that the products are more widely available and it could be said that this makes the job of Distributors much harder. So what is the key to success with Fuller Brush?

Company Info.

Fuller Brush was founded in 1906 by Alfred C. Fuller, and specializes in a range of different brushes for various different uses. As well as brushes they also produce a number of other products for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, floors, appliances, clothes, car and body.

Customers looking to start their own business can sign up as a Fuller Brush Distributor, and make money selling the products to others. This is a standard business model for a MLM company, but it is very unusual that the company also sells products in stores and online. This makes the task of the Distributor a little harder.

The Bad News About Fuller Brush…

If you are a Distributor and you are trying to sell the products there are 2 approaches that you could take. One is the traditional way of doing network marketing, but it is proven to fail in most cases, and is likely to fail again if you use it in your Fuller Brush business. The second way is proven to succeed time and again, and is even more important given the unique circumstances of the Fuller Brush business model.

The traditional methods which are proven to fail involve trying to sell to your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers. It usually involves handing out flyers, business cards, CDs, DVDs, and free samples. You will also probably hold sales parties, give presentations, have meetings, and cold-call potential clients hoping that one lead might just pay off.

This is the WRONG way to run a network marketing business because it is both expensive and time-consuming. Distributors who use these methods usually end up spending more money trying to get business than they will actually make back in sales.

The Good News About Fuller Brush

The second option open to you is proven to bring success time after time. It is called “target marketing”, and involves using the internet to find hundreds of people a week who could benefit from your products and are likely to invest in you. Internet marketing can take many forms, but usually involves writing articles, blogging, contributing to relevant forums, helping people out online, advertising cheaply in the right places, and using the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

These techniques are easy to learn, and can be applied by anybody. You don’t need to be a super-salesperson or a hard-seller, you just need to have the desire to learn something new and the drive to succeed in your business.

So if you want to be the only person that people turn to when buying Fuller Brush products, see Fuller Brush Success.