July 25, 2024

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How An Entrepreneur Can Amplify Their Brand

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Being a serial entrepreneur is no easy task. You have to see the big picture, but you also need to be a master of the finer details. You’ve got to source new business opportunities and also maintain the business relationships you’ve already established. At the end of the day, the successes and failures of your organization rest squarely on your shoulders. And inevitably, you might reach a point when you feel like you can’t continue to grow. But fear not. I believe there’s a growth solution that can help: Leverage publicity to amplify your brand.

As an entrepreneur myself, below are a few of my tips for getting started:

Create a website that hosts accurate information and visually appealing content.

You might have already taken this step, given that we live in the age of technology. But if you’re not online yet, you should create a website to begin leveraging publicity. Your website will serve not only as the hub of your business but also as your marketing and media outreach center. The information on your website needs to be accurate, too. The website is what makes the first impression on potential audiences, and that’s why your information (i.e., location, business hours, products and services) must be correct. It also needs to be visually appealing. You can consider hiring a content creator to create in-house marketing materials such as emails, videos, posters, etc., to help with this.

Infuse social media outreach with branded content.

Brainstorm ways to reach out into your community of potential audiences and connect. With that, always make sure you’ve attached good branded content to your outreach. One of the most popular ways to reach out is to post on social media platforms. Many platforms are free to join and offer multiple avenues to new audiences and potential stakeholders. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not enough to simply extend your business into a space; you must also accomplish something in that space. You can delight or entertain, you can educate and inform, or you can advocate for a cause, to name a few.

Leverage the audiences of brands in your portfolio.

You’ve worked hard to add credibility and legitimacy to your brand. Those are monikers of a successful business that took substantial time and effort to achieve. But remember: The companies and other brands that you’ve worked with (those in your portfolio) have also likely built their own credibility, legitimacy and, most importantly, a potential audience. Connect with those stakeholders by showing the relationship between both brands. A short video or blog post that can easily be shared is a perfect strategy. Also, it can be helpful to dedicate an entire page of your website to brands (and their recognizable logos) you’ve worked with to ensure visitors know your history.

Rely on the power of storytelling.

Life isn’t about products. Deep down, I find that people crave relation to others. To that end, I always try to use storytelling to allow my audiences to form a relationship with my brand. In my experience, it’s far easier for potential customers to remember who you are if they’ve associated a unique story or series of events with your brand. It’s also important to focus on the impact your company makes on the community, customers and the globe in general. Consider posting story-driven content regularly that shows inspiring stories and news of individuals at your organization. You can also consider contacting a journalist to write about your employees and your impact.

Consider paid advertising.

The aforementioned recommendations fall into either owned, shared or earned media. The last step for an entrepreneur seeking to grow and amplify their brand is to consider paid media. You’re probably very aware of the marketing and advertising that surrounds you on a daily basis. You can get into the paid media space by working with marketing or advertising agencies and paying for something like native advertising, a sponsored advertorial, sponsored content or a more traditional radio, TV or print campaign. 

If you find your business unable to grow and expand, it might be due to a lack of awareness about your company. Fortunately, I’ve found there are a few things that can help. You can propel your brand into the hearts and minds of potential audiences by creating a website that’s accurate and eye-catching; posting regularly on social media with branded content; connecting with audiences of brands in your portfolio; sharing an impactful story; and reinvesting profits in paid advertising.

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