July 13, 2024

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How to Find the Best Growth Strategy for Your Business

With only two episodes left, this week’s episode of Going Public features all four companies attempting to take their growth plans to the next level.

TREBEL meets with Alejandro Grisi, one of Mexico’s most prolific businessmen, as well as other potential investors to discuss a far-reaching partnership. Find out which brands are in the elusive Circle of Trust. Will TREBEL be invited to join?

Hammitt looks to mentor Jaime Schmidt to unlock the magic behind their latest investor pitch. Find out what they have learned since their first time pitching investors in Las Vegas. Learn what moves NGT is making to accelerate growth with college students while continuing to advance on the mission to serve more veterans and to change one million lives.

Finally, see who is following up with PROVEN from The Money Show in Las Vegas. Can they land multiple six-figure investments?

Find out this week on Going Public.

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