July 25, 2024

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Latinx entrepreneurs discuss family, cultural influence on their brands

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, In The Know by Yahoo brought together a talented group of beauty and style entrepreneurs to discuss building their brands with ties to their culture and community.

The panel event, which was moderated by In The Know’s beauty and style video producer Lisa Azcona, highlighted four Latina business owners who shared details on how their brands and missions have been influenced by their families and heritage.

The night’s speakers — which included Amanda Enid Rodríguez-Davis, founder and CEO of ENID&co.; Chelsea Henriquez, a content creator and second-hand shop owner; Magdaline Hurtado, founder of Hello Updo; and Mariel A. Mejia, founder and CEO of Pink Root Products — all shared with the audience how they built their brands to create meaningful impact within their communities and beyond.

From left: Lisa Azcona, Amanda Enid Rodríguez-Davis, Chelsea Henriquez, Magdaline Hurtado, Mariel A. Mejia. Credit: Gino DePinto, Yahoo

Rodríguez-Davis, who credits her own entrepreneurial spirit to her hard-working Puerto Rican parents, discussed what it was like to work directly with her mother, Lydia, to launch ENID&co. The pair has since sold thousands of gorgeous hand-crafted accessories and shipped their crafts all over the U.S.

Hurtado spoke about how Hello Updo, which retails a hair tie specially created for those with textured and thicker hair, has sparked important conversations about inclusivity within the beauty industry. She says she hopes to encourage Black and Brown women to wear and embrace their textured hair by making everyday actions — like tying your hair up without breaking a scrunchie — a bit easier.

Mejia, too, shared how her own hair journey led her to found Pink Root Products right in her mother’s kitchen. Years of using relaxers on her curly hair left Mejia with dry, brittle locks. So, to help her heat-damaged hair transition back to its natural glory, Mejia created her all-natural line of products to revitalize hair and promote new growth. Her mission, she explained, is to help people enjoy and feel confident about their curls.

Henriquez shared how she was able to leverage her social following to create her own second-hand store, named Shop as of Late. She aims to promote sustainability when it comes to fashion and hopes her tips can help viewers cut through the noise to make shopping for those must-have recycled pieces a more accessible experience.

From left: Lisa Azcona, Amanda Enid Rodríguez-Davis, Chelsea Henriquez, Magdaline Hurtado, Mariel A. Mejia. Credit: Gino DePinto, Yahoo

Watch footage from the event in the video above to learn more about the panel.

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, In The Know highlighted changemakers who are impacting the world through cultural advancement, community leadership and entrepreneurial innovation. See all of our honorees here.

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