June 22, 2024

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Le Creuset’s First-Ever Factory Sale Is Crazy Good

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To know Le Creuset is to love it. Iconic, classic, and family heirloom-level durable, the brand has inspired cooks for generations with its extensive color selection and seriously hard-working products. The only downside? All of that upside comes at a cost. Whenever we catch a piece on sale, which isn’t often, we always end up bringing it home.

This week, however, tons of amazing Le Creuset products are available at a discount for the company’s first-ever “Factory-to-Table” sale. According to the brand, the markdowns include “unique and limited-quantity products, cast iron collector’s items, and rare pieces from the Le Creuset vault.” It’s a flash sale that features the classics, like dutch ovens and baking dishes, as well as rarely-seen items like tagines and wine carafes. The sale is on now and runs while supplies last; scroll down to see some of the Epicurious team’s top picks.

Oval dutch oven

Do we even have to tell you why you need a Le Creuset dutch oven? It’s the very best in the business, the winner of our product review, and an iconic kitchen item that will last a lifetime of braises and stews. A few sizes, shapes, and colors are featured in the Factory-to-Table sale, including a 2 3/4-quart model in pale purple and an 8-quart model in bright green, each for over $100 off.

BUY IT: Oval dutch oven, 8-quarts, $252 (originally $420) at Le Creuset

Rectangular baking dish set

Save 50 percent on this set of two vintage-inspired baking dishes in dusty pale blue. Like the best Le Creuset products, they’re freezer-, microwave-, oven-, broiler-, and dishwasher-safe, made of chip-resistant enamel, and are easy to clean. Use the smaller for a baked gratin and the larger for a cheesy lasagna; these are good-looking enough to take straight from the oven to the table, especially when you have company.

BUY IT: Rectangular dishes, set of 2, $43 (originally $85) at Le Creuset


A good pitcher is a tabletop necessity, either for drinks or displaying flowers, and the Le Creuset model is extremely well designed. The thick stoneware acts as insulation for use all year round, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. We love the sunny yellow color in particular, but a few others (including dark mauve “Cassis” and jet black) are still available, if those are more your style.

BUY IT: Pitcher, $24 (originally $48) at Le Creuset

Grill pan

Staff Writer Kendra Vaculin swears by her Le Creuset cast iron grill pan, busting it out whenever she needs a bit of summery char but the weather won’t permit actual grilling: “The deep grooves create perfect grill marks every time, and the spouts on either side mean I can drain off any extra grease or liquid as I go. It’s also dishwasher safe, which does not apply to my dishwasherless life, but could definitely be a huge plus.” At over $70 off, it’s a must to add to your cookware collection.

BUY IT: Square skillet grill, $111 (originally $185) at Le Creuset

Salt crock

A salt cellar is a game-changing kitchen tool; when you have salt on hand, you instantly become a better cook. This cute crock has a large mouth for pinching from and the iconic Le Creuset branding on the side, so you’ll want to leave it out on the countertop all the time. It’s 50 percent off right now, in either pale pink or bright yellow.

BUY IT: Salt crock, $18 (originally $36) at Le Creuset

Rectangular casserole dish with lid

Every kitchen needs a big, lidded casserole dish—why not spring for a super stylish one? This old-school model is half off and available in a ton of colors, sure to add a pop of cheer to your favorite casserole recipe. Good sized handles on either side make it easy to maneuver into and out of the oven, and then lid makes storage a breeze—just pop the leftovers, still in the dish with the lid on, right into the fridge.

BUY IT: Rectangular casserole, $55 (originally $110) at Le Creuset

<h1 class="title">6 3/4 oz. [4"] Condiment Pot with Spoon</h1>

Condiment pot with spoon

What can you put in this adorable condiment pot with matching spoon? Literally anything—we can’t stop coming up with ideas. Chile crisp alongside your favorite noodle dish! Ketchup for burgers at a barbecue! Sprinkles for an ice cream sundae bar! Honey on a tea tray! It’s perfect for whatever you’d like to display and dose out in smaller quantities, and will look good doing it. For $16, it doesn’t make sense not to buy it.

BUY IT: Condiment pot with spoon, $16 (originally $32) at Le Creuset

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