December 7, 2021

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Neighbours spoilers (May 25 to 29)

Neighbours spoilers follow for UK-pace episodes on Channel 5.

Next week on Neighbours, an old face returns to Ramsay Street as Naomi Canning makes a welcome return, Andrea turns against Elly, and the Kennedys continue to drift apart.

Here are nine spoilers to look forward to.

1. Has Gary died all over again?

sheila canning grieves in neighbours

Channel 5

Gary Canning 1.0 may have been murdered on the island, but Gary the pigeon has been keeping Sheila company in the weeks since, even though it raises concerns from people about how convinced she is that the bird is her son.

When Sheila realises that she hasn’t seen Gary 2.0 in a while, she begins to panic that something has happened to him. Thankfully, it soon transpires that Gary is just drunk on Karl’s fermented fruit and he soon comes to. The confusion does make Kyle realise that Roxy was right, and Sheila does need help, so he makes a phone call.

2. Naomi Canning is back in town

naomi canning returns in neighbours

Channel 5

Just when Sheila needs her most, Naomi arrives back in Erinsborough and instantly sets about reminding us all how much we missed her. Turning up at the request of Kyle, who called her in to help with a grieving Sheila, she soon gets to work trying to find a way to turn things around for her mother.

Explaining that she is looking to stay long-term, Naomi sets about finding a job and it just so happens that Chloe is need of an assistant while she is busy with the sale of the island. As Naomi takes a look around Lassiters, it is not long before she bumps into somebody she knows very well.

3. Susan and Sheila are forced to talk

jackie woodburne as susan kennedy in neighbours

Channel 5

Never one to beat around the bush, Naomi wastes little time in taking action when she sees how nasty things have become between Sheila and Susan. With some help from Paul and Terese, she sets the pair up by inviting them to Number 22 and locking them both inside – alone.

While Susan takes the events in her stride and is content to sit the time out quietly, Sheila is furious with her daughter and makes it clear how much she does not want to be near Susan. But will their time alone force them to face their issues head-on?

4. Ned has his work cut out for him

ben hall as ned willis in neighbours

Channel 5

Having taken on the task of hosting an event for the Lassiters rooftop pool relaunch, Ned is faced with the impossible mission of pleasing both Paul and Pierce, who have very different ideas as to what it should be. Ned tries to make the theme all about body positivity and the idea is well received, with only Paul objecting.

Unfortunately, the day does not go to plan and things continue to go wrong to the point that, after a tense chat with Paul, Ned decides that the hotel business is not for him and quits on the spot. Looking to his artistic skills for his future, Ned sets about planning a new career.

5. Karl bumps into an old friend

alan fletcher as karl kennedy in neighbours

Channel 5

With Karl and Susan barely speaking now because of the distance growing between them, an argument was the last thing they needed, but tension soon boils over and the two are locked in a blazing row. Unable to deal with it all, Karl storms out and heads to The Waterhole where he bumps into Olivia Bell, a lady he shared a date with back in 2012.

The two get talking and then Susan and Bea get a surprise when he does not arrive home until the following morning. Bea corners him and asks where he was, but will she like what she hears?

6. Plans for the island continue

april rose pengilly as chloe brennan in neighbours

Channel 5

With little interest in the island, the only two offers on the table are for an escape room type event because of its terrifying past, or Claudia Watkins and her plan to use it to honour Shaun.

Chloe doesn’t want to do business with Claudia without talking to Elly first, but Elly gives her blessing and thinks it is a good idea to sell to her. If Claudia and Chloe are linked, Chloe will be able to keep an eye on her and see what she has planned for Aster. But Chloe’s suspicions about what Claudia is up to are about to escalate.

7. Elly puts herself in danger

elly conway crosses paths with andrea somers in prison in neighbours

Channel 5

Elly and Andrea have formed an uneasy alliance, with the latter continuing to spend time with her to further her own gains. However, that alliance crumbles when Elly hears Andrea talking to the other inmates about her plans for Hugo.

In her next meeting with Toadie, that Dee tags along to, Elly can’t help but tell them what Andrea is planning, but she doesn’t realise that the conversation is being listened to.

Elly very quickly realises the trouble she is in and sees that Andrea really does hold all the power in the prison – and she’s about to make life miserable for her.

8. Dipi voices her concerns to Dee

sharon johal as dipi rebecchi in neighbours

Channel 5

Toadie and Dee are riding high after their kiss and they continue to enjoy the second chance they have been given. When Toadie wants to spend the day with Dee and the kids, Dipi cannot help but speak up over her concerns about Nell and Hugo seeing him move on.

Dee soon catches on to Dipi’s worries and later takes the opportunity to speak up and assure her that she is not trying to replace her, or Sonya, in the household. As the two begin to talk about the issue, will they be able to come to an understanding?

9. Claudia arouses suspicion

kate raison as claudia watkins in neighbours

Channel 5

Claudia has been on a hot streak of late, getting everything she wanted. Elly is in prison and Aster is now in her care and away from the Kennedys. But her luck may be starting to run out as this week sees people start to get suspicious of her – including Chloe, who is talking to her as part of the island sale.

While Karl is trying to stay on Claudia’s good side, his family do not agree, and Bea makes her feelings known by telling her exactly what she thinks of her.

Meanwhile, Chloe decides to break into the penthouse to snoop through Claudia’s files, but someone walks in and catches her in the act.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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