June 22, 2024

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People are convinced that Meghan Markle is pregnant again

Meghan Markle, pregnant, pregnancy rumours

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If you’re Meghan Markle, it seems all you have to do to arouse suspicion of pregnancy is go out the house. Or actually, maybe not even that. You just have to be a woman who already has a baby and a sperm-producing partner who might in theory want another child at some point in the next couple of years.

Because after a flurry of public appearances – the last of which that are in a royal capacity for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – the betting odds have just taken a huge tumble in favour of the Sussexes expecting baby number two. Specifically, that Meghan is in her first trimester of pregnancy.

According to betting aggregate site Mybettingsites.co.uk, a “royal betting frenzy” has ensued since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began making their final joint official engagements last week.

In the UK, they report the odds have been cut to a “record low” of 2/11 that Meghan is pregnant, alluding to “an 85 percent chance that the rumours of an announcement are accurate”. Put in real money terms, it means that if you made a £1 bet based on these odds, your return would be £1.18 – and an 18p profit isn’t exactly going to make you rich enough to afford a house deposit any time soon. In other words, the bookies think it’s more likely to happen than it’s not.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, hand-holding, PDA, love

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As Meghan Markle isn’t showing any physical signs of pregnancy at all in her body (and we’ve seen no clever cover-up outfits this past week) it seems the prediction of pregnancy is purely down to… how happy she looks.

“Unsurprisingly, royal fans have been quick to question whether Megan’s glow means she’s expecting her second baby,” said a spokesperson the betting comparison site. “The latest betting definitely suggests there could be an announcement around the corner and when it comes, bookies should brace themselves for yet another betting bonanza.”

Meghan Markle, pregnant, pregnancy

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But an interesting consideration this time round is whether we’d actually find out at all if the Sussexes are expecting a brother or sister for baby Archie. Now the Duke and Duchess have withdrawn from their frontline roles in the royal family, and will no longer be receiving any public funding as of April 1, they are under no obligation to share this kind of news, as it’s technically no longer ‘public interest’.

Of course, they may still want to – and there would likely come a stage where they would need to – but if and when that happens it’ll be completely on their own terms.

The whole reason Meghan and Harry made the decision to step back from their royal duties is because they want to live a happier, healthier, and – most pertinently – a more private life. Up until last week, when the couple temporarily resumed their public engagements, they hadn’t been photographed in Canada for several weeks. It’s likely, then, that the Sussexes would be able to conceal a baby bump until the time was right for them.

Meghan Markle's baby bump: see the Duchess' pregnancy in pictures month by month

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But let’s not forget this is all extremely hypothetical. The Duke and Duchess are in a time of extreme change, with a baby who hasn’t yet turned one. They may want to hurry up and crack on with completing their family, but they also might want to wait until they’re more settled in their new lives in Canada. Either way, we’re just pleased they’re finally getting to do things the way they want to.

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