December 3, 2023

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Pitched Offers Tips To Grow Your Startup Using The ClasShare Case Study

Austin, Texas –

Startup growth accelerator Pitched has published an interview with Wei Hunter, the CEO, and founder of ClasShare. Pitched helped grow ClasShare to over 7 figures in revenue. The interview goes over the founding story of the B2C company and the method that Pitched used to supercharge its growth.

A serial entrepreneur, Wei Hunter stumbled onto the idea for ClasShare when he was looking for classes that his 10-year-old son could take so that his time at home during the pandemic could be spent productively. Wei Hunter realized that there was a dearth of high-quality online classes that are educational and consistent for the long-term growth of a budding student. He had just finished his MBA at NYU and he decided to go back to his entrepreneurial roots and take a stab at reforming the online education industry.


ClasShare is a B2C company that teaches kids through small online classes designed for small groups. Each class has a maximum of eight students along with an instructor. Each class lasts for 15 minutes. The classes touch on topics such as acting, improv, communications, leadership, entrepreneurship, and influencers. The idea behind the company is to get students prepared for the new digital economy where one’s brand is critical for growth. The classes focus on broad concepts such as branding, how to establish a brand, how to start a company, how to do digital marketing, etc. Students have to be at least 8 years old to join the classes and the upper age limit is 15 years.

The company has developed 24 courses so far, each of which lasts for 5 weeks. The company uses a cohort-based approach where it groups students who are interested in a particular topic together and gives them the freedom to learn and grow together. All the students who want to join are interviewed and quizzed on their interests before they find the ideal classes that they would like to try a hand at. Children are even given the choice to switch courses if the classes they take, don’t interest them as they initially expected. Readers can watch the original interview on Pitched’s website to listen to the in-depth discussion about ClasShare’s business model.

The company differentiates itself from its competitors such as Outschool and Varsity Tutors by having more creative control over the courses it offers, ensuring a higher quality education for its students. The company also provides a platform for its students to showcase their talents such as its YouTube channel that hosts several videos about the students, about the class, about the improv show, the commercials, and more. The company also helps the students in its acting courses build their profile and teaches them how to reach out to the casting directors. Wei Hunter goes on to say that the company has received tremendously positive responses from its students who are excited about learning real-life skills while enjoying themselves thoroughly.

The conversation then shifts to Wei’s opinion on how Paul Kleen and Pitched helped his company market its products when it was just starting. Wei mentions that he was not social media savvy and digital marketing was new to him when he started. He hired a number of agencies to grow his platform but didn’t see any results.

Paul Kleen suggested the use of Hubspot to build the website which allowed ClasShare to track the visits to the website, book a call with the visitors, and automatically send emails out through its strong CRM features. The business was slowly able to build organic traffic through these efforts and was able to get visibility on its Youtube channel and was able to rank high in Google search results for relevant queries. Wei Hunter notes that though Hubspot has a premium price, the platform has been worth it for the returns it has generated. The interview then discusses ClasShare’s plans for growth which involve moving base to Atlanta, which is the capital for the movie industry and seeking funding from VCs to drive that expansion.

A spokesperson for Pitched commented on the interview by saying, “We regularly bring you case studies from clients that we have helped on their way to 6 and 7 figure revenues. If you want to stay informed on our strategies and learn more about ways in which you can grow your startup stay tuned to the interviews we regularly post with founders and entrepreneurs, just like you, to learn from their success.”


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