June 15, 2024

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Romantic Ways to Give a Promise Ring

Man proposes by putting ring on penis and asking girlfriend to perform sex  act - Mirror Online

A promise ring is a romantic symbol of your  love to your significant other, that is why it is important to consider how you are going to give the promise ring. Even though the promise ring is not yet as serious and official as an engagement ring is, it is still a symbol of your devotion and magnitude of feelings in the relationship. 

To avoid making misunderstandings as to how you give the ring might come off as a proposal, it is usually best to not go down on your knees as how you would normally propose and of course you should have a prepared yet heartfelt speech on why you are giving them the ring and what it symbolizes.

When you give a promise ring you are making promises to show how committed you are to your partner and to the relationship. A promise ring is not something to be taken lightly yet not as serious enough as an engagement ring. It shows that you are promising him or her that you are not ready enough to get married yet is showing your intention or desire to be married in the future. 

If you are in the next stage of your relationship here are 4 romantic ways to give a promise ring. 

4 Ways on How to Propose with a Promise Ring

  1. Pick a romantic location

Pick a location that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend find special or a place that is full of romantic memories. A romantic location such as that will bring about loving fillings as your mind remembers all that you have been through when being in a place full of wonderful memories. 

For example, the place where you guys first met, first date location, a place where a special milestone took place like the first kiss or the place where you both exchanged the first “I love you’s”. Picking a location with your history can only add to the romantic atmosphere as when you give the promise ring you are also adding to the memories you had with the place.

  1. Surprises are the best way

There is nothing more thrilling than surprising your loved one with a promise ring as they could not have expected a romantic surprise such as a beautiful ring. For example hide the ring and whip it out when he or she least expects it and after a fun and romantic night out on a date give them the ring as a romantic yet explosive way to end the evening. 

  1. Make it a game

Buy the ring and create a fun yet exciting game of treasure hunt where they look for the ring using a series of clues. This is a fun date idea as they might be wondering what the treasure may be and imagine their surprise to find a promise ring. You can get creative with clues and make it easy or difficult for them to find. 

  1. Old fashioned serenade

There is nothing more romantic than singing for your boyfriend and girlfriend and giving them a ring after. If you are not the singing type how about making a poem or speech full of your promises then giving the promise ring. This gives you time to rehearse on what to say when giving a promise ring. 

Types of Rings to Give Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

The most popular type of promise ring is the solitaire ring. A solitaire ring is a single diamond ring. There are many kinds of solitaire rings where you can pick out the cut of the diamond such as oval, emerald, cushion, round, and princess cut. For young ones, the princess cut is the most popular. 

Other than a solitaire ring, there are other types such as crystal rings or rings with other gemstones if they do not like diamond rings. Gemstones can be emerald, ruby or sapphire.

5 Things to Look Out for in a Princess Cut Diamond

  1. Facets

A typical princess diamond has 58 facets. The number of chevrons on its lower half can affect the appearance of a princess diamond.

  1. Cost

The princess cut is not the most expensive cut there is as they are less expensive than the round diamond so if you are looking for a ring that will fit your budget look out for the princess cut.

  1. Appearance

The princess cut can be square or rectangular in appearance so before buying a ring you should know which shape you prefer.

  1. Popularity

The princess diamond is one of the most popular diamonds in the market, they are so popular that around 30% of diamonds sold are princess cut diamonds.

  1. Other names

The princess cut is also referred to as square modified brilliant and rectangular modified brilliant, though rectangle princess cuts are not as popular among the two.