June 15, 2024

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Lucky Days: 3, 4, 11, 12, 30

Yucky Days: 5, 7, 18, 26

Colour: Floral

Celebrity Icon: Billie Eilish

April is a mix of business and pleasure, Sagi bb. Venus, the love and beauty planet, lights up your house of relationships for an extended stint starting on the 3rd and lasting through August. Your relationships will be a major focus for a long and rare phase.

The Full Moon (on the 7th) brings to light your long-term goals, friendships and wishes, especially ones that that started early last fall. What is coming full circle now? Watch for some explosive energy to peak around this Full Moon, compliments of a powerful Mars-Uranus war happening at the same time.

Watch your words as they could set off bombs you never meant to detonate. Think all the way back to 2012 for a longer thread on this topic. The New Moon arrives in your work and wellness zone on the 22nd, opening a brand new story for the next six months. If you have some more time at home, use this to get back into tip-top shape emotionally, psychologically, and physically. There are so many amazing resources out there to tap into, so make self-care into your mission statement.


Lucky Days: 8, 9. 15, 16, 25

Yucky Days: 2, 3, 10. 11. 23

Colour: Sky

Celebrity Icon: Sarah Paulson

Your love life will absolutely slay this month, Sagittarius. But first, some major career news. The Full Moon puts your work on the map in an accelerated way on the 9th. Your last six months of fine-tuning can pay off when you experience some public recognition early this March. Put your biggest projects in the spotlight where they belong. Mercury Retrograde is finally wrapping up right around this big lunation, so watch for any last-minute revelations or repairs in light of previous miscommunication fiascos. Venus moves into your work zone early in the month, sweetening your daily schedule and projects. Major romance is sparked at the Equinox early on the 20th; the Sun will light up your pleasure zone for the next month. The New Moon joins up with the Sun on the 24th, asking you what your heart really desires when it comes to love and creativity. Get your wishes and intentions in writing and then watch them unfold over the next six months. On the 21st, Saturn moves into Aquarius for the first time in nearly thirty years. With the Cosmic Taskmaster in your communication zone, mindfulness practices, meditation and potentially long-form writing opportunities are in strong focus for the next few months. This is only a preview of the structures that can take root in 2021-2022, but be a careful builder, because what you think and do now can have long-lasting effects.

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