January 23, 2022

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‘The Daily Show’ Offers Etiquette Tips for Handling Video Calls During the Pandemic (Video)

With many people working from home and relying on forms of teleconferencing and video chat to maintain workflow and communication, relaxed personal grooming standards are becoming an issue since people rarely ever leave the house.

So on Thursday’s “The Daily Show,” the correspondents provided some helpful tips for conducting oneself during video chats. We’ll just run a few of them down for you now:

Michael Kosta: “Don’t begin a work call by asking, ‘Age, sex, location.’”

Dulcé Sloan: “Do make sure the camera is pointed directly at your face. No one wants to look up your disgusting nose.”

Desi Lydic: “Do remember to smile,” she said, while holding back fake tears.

Jaboukie Young-White: “For business calls, make sure your name is accurate, and professional,” at which point his name was shown on-screen as “Tall Stud Jaboukie.”

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Roy Wood Jr.: “Do mute yourself if you’re not talking, like so,” said Wood, who then failed to press mute and yelled, “Hey, shut the f— up, I’m trying to record some computer s—.”

Jaboukie Young-White: “Don’t video chat with someone you do not actually want to talk to. What excuse are you gonna use to get off the phone? You’re busy? No you’re not, none of us are. That’s a lie.”

Michael Kosta: “Do check in with your friends, like how I’m about to check in with Jaboukie. Oh, he’s busy again, that’s weird.”

Ronny Chieng: “Don’t blink. Don’t ever blink. Blinking is a weakness.”

There’s more than that, and you can watch the whole thing below:

Don’t get on a video chat without watching these dos and don’ts from @DesiLydic, @DulceSloan, @RonnyChieng, @RoyWoodJr, @MichaelKosta and @Jaboukie. pic.twitter.com/rGE1NLUC7j

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) April 10, 2020

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