November 29, 2023

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Top five tips from Fitness Entrepreneur, Charanjit Singh Sehmbi, which will motivate you for a better tomorrow!

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is a renowned fitness entrepreneur, who is known nationwide for his innovative methods of weight loss programmes, healthy lifestyle promotions and motivational programmes. It is not too far to say that Mr Charanjit has made it a life mission to continue promoting his diet plans and healthy lifestyle tips so it becomes a movement for the current generation and everyone can look toward a better and healthy future. He has also written countless blogs on it and is followed by thousands of people on social media as well. Here is what Charanjit Singh Sehmbi advice for a healthy and fit lifestyle-

1.  Finding motivation: – While there is always a reason to be lazy and procrastinate, you must also find a reason to think about yourself and take care of your health. A healthy body will have a lot of energy, positivity and a strong will which will not only help you in your personal life but also professional life too. There is a lot you can do for your loved ones if you are healthy and fit. There is no reason better than be healthy and active in your current lifestyle to start working out and follow a healthy diet. Charanjit Singh Sehmbi has written many blogs, conducted many seminars and regularly interact with people on social media to promote a healthy lifestyle and motivate people.

2.  Watch what you eat: – The traditional dieting methods are no longer effective as it doesn’t match the current lifestyle and it becomes nearly impossible to follow all the rules strictly. In Particular, the inclusion of junk foods, soft drinks and fermented food has led to increasing in high-calorie intake will very low protein and multivitamin supplements. Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is a well-known personality in this arena. His diet plans have helped hundreds of people in achieving their fitness and health goal. His blogs are a wealth of knowledge on this stuff and it is highly recommended to follow them. Charanjit Singh emphasises strongly adding nutritional supplements to the diet as a regular diet lacks essential amino acids, protein and multivitamins.

3.  Find a workout routine: – Workout routine should not always be a heavy lifting back-breaking exercise. It could be as simple as aerobics or yoga too. Find a workout routine that doesn’t compromise your job or other aspects. According to Mr Sehmbi, it is best to split workouts per day and always include a rest day in between. The primary goal should always be maintaining fitness rather than bulk muscle building. Avoid growth boosters at all costs, because although they are effective in the short term, they are known for their addiction and long term side effects. Instead using high protein natural products is way better and it also has added benefit of a boost of bioactive compounds.

4.  Promote the health activity with your close ones: – Promoting a healthy lifestyle is very important as the more we talk about it, the more people will be comfortable tackling this issue. It should always be encouraged and appreciated. By promoting a healthy lifestyle you are helping your loved one toward a better tomorrow. Another advantage is that you may end up making your own fitness motivation group, which will make sure you always follow the routine and do not fall out of it. It will be a huge positive boost in your life.

5.  Make it a lifestyle not a short term goal: – The number one reason fitness plans fail in the long term is that people make short term goals of losing weight and gaining the desired physique and once they get their goal, they no longer have the enthusiasm to follow it further. So they end up like before or even worse sometimes. So always think of it as a permanent change in your lifestyle and even if you feel like there is no improvement sometimes, don’t give up, continue it. It is challenging in the beginning but if you continue your efforts, you are destined to be successful.

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