July 24, 2024

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What Brands Need to Know About Addressing Mental Health and Gen Z, Everlane Announces Organic Cotton Commitment

Plus, Karlie Kloss’s father reportedly crowdsourced coronavirus response ideas for Jared Kushner.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

What brands need to know about addressing mental health and Gen Z
Gen Z customers are drastically different from their predecessors. And as brands try to cater to this demographic, they need to create strategies that respond to their values — a big one being mental health. However, there’s a fine line between being an ally and capitalizing on these issues. Katrina Gay, the national director of strategic partnerships for the National Alliance on Mental Illness suggested to Vogue Business that brands should partner with mental health organizations and be constantly aware of the way their marketing plays with Gen Z, who are very open about their struggles with mental illness. {Vogue Business}

Everlane announces organic cotton commitment
Ever since its launch in 2011, Everlane has built a brand around a “radically transparent” approach to communication. But as the industry’s narratives around sustainability are changing, the brand is facing higher expectations to work on further development. And in light of that, the company announced that by 2023, it’s committing to ensure that all cotton used in its products comes from organic sources. Kimberly Smith, Everlane’s chief supply chain officer, told Business of Fashion that this is just one step in their plan to have a more sustainable supply chain: “This is one program and one fabric so far. We have 100 more to go. It’s a long journey.” {Business of Fashion}

Karlie Kloss’s father reportedly crowdsourced coronavirus response solutions for Jared Kushner through Facebook
As the U.S. government contemplates different responses to the Covid-19 outbreak, a new report from Politico suggests that the Facebook crowdsourcing method was recently put to use by the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Specifically, he reportedly went to his brother, Josh — who is married to Karlie Kloss — to ask his father-in-law to reach out to doctors in a Facebook group for medical professionals he belonged to for their advice on handling the public health crisis. {Politico}

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