June 13, 2024

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Your Parachute is Your Segue Between Passion and Profit

You may have already heard of the popular career planning book called, “What Color Is Your Parachute”, written by Richard Bolles. Here is a new take on the parachute concept: Your parachute is your segue between passion and profit. Before parachuting into the sunset, you need to know this: In the art and science of hand analysis, there are 14 Life Purposes, 14 Life Lessons and 4 Life Schools. Each person (including you) was born with life purposes, lessons and schools in hand. Without these, you will not know: what direction to take your parachute (i.e. your business or career), nor how to steer it successfully and enjoyably.

Now, imagine this: You are jet setting across the country you would love to visit and experience through parachuting. You are excited and perhaps also a little nervous about going on this parachuting adventure. (It is similar to starting your own business!) It is your first time being in this country and/or parachuting. So, to help you allay any fears you may be feeling about this wild adventure, which will teach you how your parachute is your segue between passion and profit, take a look at these three common business scenarios outlined in hand analysis language.

If you are not living on the edge, then you are taking up too much space: The life of an entrepreneur means that every work day, you choose to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. For instance, do you know what happens when you adopt this belief: “My business will be successful when it makes me millions of dollars”? Either it takes you a very long time to get “there”, or you never reach this goal. Why? – Because success is the result of being of service to others. And if you do not continually and consistently sell your services and/or products, your business will be short lived or nonexistent. It is a simple fact of life and yet it can be so easy to lose sight of this fact, especially when our impatience gets the better of us. Also, expect that as you move along your purposeful path, you will be prompted to make decisions. Whenever you procrastinate making them, or are not fully and firmly committed to your decisions, the Universe will send something your way that will add to your delay or wavering, including for example late payments from clients and indecisive prospects.

Your parachute fails to open up: A common Life Lesson is issues with trust and intimacy. These issues manifest as low or fluctuating numbers of clients and cash flow. What would happen if you went parachuting and you did not trust that your parachute would open up as soon as you released it, even though it had passed the quality assurance test? Would you still want to jump out of the plane? Or would change your mind about parachuting and say: “Maybe another day!”

Your business is barely getting off the ground: Is your business vision is too small or nonexistent? This is more common than you may think. What is interesting is that when you know what you are destined to do, you are more likely to create a vision and one that is aligned with your Life Purpose(s), passions, and level of ambition. Conversely, when you do not know what they do not know about yourself — as in your Life Purpose(s) and where you get stuck (your Life Lessons) — this is what usually happens: you will not even bother creating a vision (let alone a dream board, or it will be outdated) or you will create a much smaller vision… one that is congruent with what you think you can attain. No wonder people give up on their dream boards and goals! Lesson learned: Create a vision that is aligned only with your purposes and passions. Then and only then will it become a reality for you. And the more you change, adapt and grow with the life lessons presented to you on your journey, the more frequently you will be removing the images from and updating your dream board… because you will have attracted these very things into your life. How exciting!